• Get active with
    Apple Watch.
    Achieve rewards.

    Get active with Apple Watch.
    Achieve rewards.

LDExtrasAchieve with Apple Watch


Complete daily activity goals with Apple Watch (Series 3 or newer) and earn up to $369 in LDExtras vouchers over 24 months. Reward vouchers can be used toward great products and services we offer at London Drugs. Program only available to Vancouver Island residents at this time.


  • Get started

    Get started

    1. Enrol in program

    2. Get your Apple Watch, if you don't already have one.
    You may be eligible for 0% financing.*

    3. Download the LDExtrasAchieve app.

    4. Get active to earn rewards.

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    *Program eligible with Apple Watch Series 3 or newer. Special financing available for Apple Watch Series SE and Series 6.

  • Move, Exercise and Stand to complete your activity targets

    Move, Exercise and Stand to complete your activity targets

    Using the LDExtrasAchieve mobile app, you are able to measure your daily progress toward three activity goals: Move, Exercise and Stand to complete your activity targets

    Move is based on active calories burned.

    Exercise is based on how many minutes of brisk activity you’ve completed.

    Stand encourages you to get up and move around for at least one minute during 12 different hours in the day.

  • Meeting all three daily targets earns you a star

    Meeting all three daily targets earns you a star

    During the first month you join the program you will need to earn 9 stars to be rewarded with a $15 LDExtras™ voucher.

    At the start of each of the next three months your goal will increase by one star, or possibly more based on your performance. Over time, your goals will adapt to your accomplishments, helping you become more active.

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Who can join the program?

During this initial pilot period, any member of the LDExtrasAchieve program who is a resident of Vancouver Island is eligible to participate. Enrol now to start earning your rewards.

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    Any member of LDExtras™ that is a resident of Vancouver Island. If you aren't already a member, join here.

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    Must have an iPhone and an Apple Watch (Series 3 or newer) to participate. Apple Watch SE and Series 6 are available with special 0% financing for qualified buyers through our program.

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    Anyone ready to get active and earn rewards!

  • How the program works

    Four simple steps to activate your account.

    Enrol in the program

    Simply click on the "Enrol now" button and enter the 10-digit number and the email address you use for your LDExtras account to confirm your account. 

    Get your Apple Watch
    Get your Apple Watch

    If you don't have a qualifying Apple Watch, we've got you covered! After enroling in the program follow the link provided in email to get an eligible Apple Watch. Special 0% financing for 24 months available for qualified customers. 

    Download our app
    Download our app

    Once you have your Apple Watch, download the LDExtrasAchieve app from the App Store, and activate your account.

    Get active to earn rewards

    Start moving! Complete your three daily activity targets in the app to earn a star. Every star gets you closer to your monthly goal and your reward.

  • Get the Apple Watch you want

    Apple Watch Series 6 and Apple Watch SE are available for direct purchase or special 0% financing for qualified customers.

    Complete enrolment and follow the link provided in your email to get Apple Watch with LDExtrasAchieve.

    Apple Watch Series 3 can be purchased
    in-store or online through London Drugs.

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Have questions? We've got answers.

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about the LDExtrasAchieve program.

How does the program work?

LDExtras Achieve is a reward program that allows you to earn a LDExtras™ voucher every month you complete monthly goals aligned with three main activity targets (Move, Exercise, and Stand). You will receive one star for completing all three targets in a single day and if you reach the required number of stars in the month you earn your reward! Your monthly goal will adjust each month depending on your progress.

How will I get my reward voucher?

Three to four days after the start of the new month, your reward voucher for the previous calendar month will be posted to your LDExtras account. You may use your voucher in store or online.

How do I set the activity level in the LDExtras Achieve app?

When you first activate the account on the LDExtrasAchieve app, you will be asked to provide your activity level as either light, moderate or high. This is used to set your initial Move goal, which will adjust over time based on your actual performance.

How will my personal information be used & stored?

Your information is used to customize the LDExtrasAchieve program for you. Primarily this data is used to determine your personal Move target and to monitor and record your progress toward the daily targets and monthly goals. Your LDExtras information is also used to award you vouchers for meeting your monthly goals and to provide you with personalized marketing communications from London Drugs. A number of safeguards and measures are in place, including ongoing monitoring, to keep your data encrypted and secure. You can learn more in the Privacy Policy.

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